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Hernia Garments

 A hernia is a breakage in the wall of the abdominal or groin muscles that then protrudes outward causing a noticeable lump in the skin. There is tremendous discomfort this type of injury can cause. Hernia girdles for men made by Maleshapewear also known as USA Shapewear have relieved thousands of hernia sufferer eliminating the pain and unsightliness of a protruding hernia.

Although hernias require surgery to correct this condition, there may be a considerable lapse in time that occurs between a physician’s determination that a hernia is present and the ability to schedule surgery for the patient. Hernia girdles are not designed to eliminate the problem, but they can certainly make dealing with them prior to surgery a lot less intrusive on an individual’s lifestyle and daily routine.

If a man’s doctor advises wearing a hernia girdle prior to surgery, it is in the patient’s best interest to follow the doctor’s advice and purchase a girdle in the appropriate size in order to gain some measure of relief from the discomfort and embarrassment that the herniated muscles are causing.

Most girdles designed for men experiencing a hernia look a lot like regular underwear, including briefs with panels that extend to cover the entire abdominal and torso area, providing the needed compression and support, and undershirts that extend past the waistline in order to offer compression and support at the site of the hernia.

Hernia girdles are a very affordable way for men to eliminate the discomfort and embarrassment of an abdominal or groin area hernia while awaiting surgery, with most models priced between $25 and $60. The use of latex and spandex in male medical girdles provides the necessary support while still being comfortable to wear throughout the day while pursuing a normal daily routine. Brief girdles also include such special features as a fly opening for convenience in using the rest room, and a zipper closure to make it much easier to put the girdle on and off. Maleshapewear offers an inguinal hernia brace, inguinal hernia brief, a 12 inch hernia pouch brief and a 6 inch hernia pouch brief together with a ladies hernia girdle. All these hernia garments are Made in the USA of high quality and are offered at factory direct prices since they are not sold in retail stores.

They are also Doctor recommended.