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Compression Shorts

Compression shorts help to improve posture and give support.

The extra support around the abdominal core actually helps to keep the spine alignment straight. Maleshapewear’s line includes compression boxers, long style shorts, and padded underwear. We also sell long pants, long boxers spandex, and post surgical vests. These various styles of compression shorts will help keep your back straight and enable you to walk taller – both literally and figuratively. All of our compression garments are high quality and made in the USA. Made for men, the heavy gauge microfiber Lycra® spandex knit is cut to match the contours of your body. It also stretches with you in all directions, while providing elegant support and firm hold in the lower abdomen, the pelvic region, the buttocks and your thigh muscles. Made to be comfortable all day long, it provides you with better circulation and comforting relief from injuries related to the lower back, quadriceps, groin muscles, and pulled hamstrings.