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Compression Shirts

Compression shirts and tanks help mask gynecomastia.


Undoubtedly, this condition is met with feelings of embarrassment and loss of self-esteem. For men opting for the non-surgical route, men’s shapewear in the form of compression tanks, compression shirts for men, compression vests and compression bodysuits, will help hide the appearance of the excessive fatty tissue. All men’s shapewear is made by USA Shapewear and is high quality. We also provide V-neck and long sleeve compression shirts. They see a perfectly fitted, soft to the skin, regular cotton, spandex knit V-neck T-shirt top, that stretches and recoils as your body moves; however, on the inside are powerful layers of nylon spandex knit binding your chest, flattening your belly, and pressing against your back in support. Wear it as an undershirt or by itself, anywhere and everywhere, and only you know the magic the shirt is providing you. The compression and compression fabric are not detectable.